How to Increase Health Club Membership Sales

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January 8, 2019
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How to Increase Health Club Membership Sales

Every health club club manager knows the dilemma: gym membership sales surge in January with the ambitious New Year’s Resolution, but most of these new gym members fail to remain dedicated throughout the year and many will even cancel their memberships. For many health clubs and fitness centers, increasing health club membership sales consistently throughout the year can be a challenge, but with some strategic planning, the right tools, and ongoing member engagement, this revenue inconsistency can be mitigated. 

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Here are our top tips for increasing gym membership sales throughout the year:

1) Collect and Monitor Member Reviews

92% of consumers now read online reviews, according to Does your gym have positive online reviews? This can make a huge impact in increasing your gym membership sales and will inform prospective members about your gym’s services, facility, staff, and culture when they’re searching for a new gym to join.

Reviews not only build trust, but they also help with search engine optimization (how Google and other search engines ranks your website in its listing), specifically those reviews made directly on Google. You’ll also get a hand up on your competitors if they don’t have Google reviews, as a gym with reviews will rank higher in search results than those without reviews. You can also promote and monitor your reviews on other key sites like: Facebook, Yelp, local directories, and your own website.

If you are lacking reviews, a great way to encourage your gym members to leave positive online reviews is to create an incentive program. Have you considered offering a free smoothie or shake? a free class pass? or even a personal training session? This will motivate members to leave positive reviews and create a positive outlook for prospective members during their research process.

2) Hold Member Challenges

Everyone loves a healthy little competition. By offering individual and group challenges to your members, you’ll motivate them to reach their goals while benefiting from a great advertising opportunity to reach prospective members. What kind of challenges can you create for your members?

Miles Challenge

This challenge tracks the most miles traveled by a member during a set period of time. Give your members a time frame – say one month, and then have them log their minutes/hours spent on cardio equipment like treadmills and ellipticals. At the end of the month, the member with the most miles tracked wins a prize such as a free month of classes, personal training sessions, or gym branded workout gear.

Weight loss challenge

A weight loss challenge is a fun and motivating way to get your members engaged and working towards a goal. Choose a time frame for this challenge (ex. 12 weeks) and have your members weigh in on Day One, then weekly to determine their progress throughout the challenge. Buy a large whiteboard in your gym with names and the % of weight they each member has lost. This will motivate members when they see their progress compared other members’ progress.

Encourage your members to post their workouts and progress on social media and checkin at your gym throughout the challenges. This is a great way to hold them accountable and generate free advertising for your facility.  

3) Equip Your Sales Team

What is your overall objective for 2018? Is your sales team informed of this objective and armed with the tools they need to bring in the most members? You are more likely to reach your gym membership sales goals when you have first created a plan and broken it into challenging but attainable quotas for your sales team.

Tips to increase gym membership sales:

  • Host in-club events – have a membership appreciation day and allow members to bring a guest – this will allow your sales team to communicate with prospects
  • Partner with local businesses – have businesses hand out free guest passes
  • Offer a membership referral program – if a member refers a friend they’ll get a free smoothie or personal training session
  • Attend community events/tradeshows – allow your sales team to attend a health fair or fitness convention to prospect

By using complete gym management software your sales team can easily track and follow up with prospects using an organized database. An easy way to communicate with prospects is to set up email templates to convert prospects into members. Once a prospect has been entered into your gym management software, a sales team member should send a follow up email 1-2 days after they’ve visited. This will allow your sales team to keep prospects engaged and your gym top of mind to them through email specials if they sign up within a certain time frame.

 4) Communicate and Automate Prospect Follow-Up

Communication is key when it comes to following up with prospects. It’s first important for your front desk staff and/or sales team to obtain the proper information when increasing gym membership sales. Collecting a name, phone number and email address is crucial when following up with prospects. You can’t follow up with someone when you didn’t obtain a phone number or email address in your contact with them. For marketing purposes it’s also great to ask how they heard about your gym. Ensuring you have a reason to call or email a prospect when following up is also very important. When following up with a prospect you’ll want to offer an action item, such as a free personal assessment, a tour of your gym or a free week pass. Entering your prospect information into your club management software is easy and stores your data for metric tracking.

5) Implement Gym Membership Software

By implementing a gym management software solution, you can easily add, track, convert and engage with prospects. You can track your gym’s data through easy-to-use graphs, charts and reports on a simple dashboard. An enhanced reporting function even allows you to create your own filters and charts using an Active Browser format. You can significantly cut down on the amount of time and work and employee has to put in with automated reporting and dashboards.

ABC Financial is the complete gym management software solution that your fitness center needs to increase your gym membership sales in 2018. Our software and reporting tools allow you to:


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