Retro Announcement

Greetings Retro Friends!

Your partners at ABC are excited to announce our updated New Member Online Sign Up. Your members and staff will enjoy the new look and feel of the online sign up process while you enjoy the comfort of knowing you don’t have to relearn the DataTrak Payment Plan process.

That’s right. Other than a new look and feel, and some additional features you may choose to employ, you will manage your payment plans exactly the same way!

This change will happen on Monday April 21, 2014. ABC will adjust the kiosk landing page, and we will work with Retro Corporate to change everyone’s Join Now pages on

Here are some of the differences you will enjoy:

1.       Online Sign Up is now mobile responsive! It will shrink appropriately to fit the size of the phone or tablet the member is using.

2.       You will now have the ability to make any fields available on step 4 of 5 required in any payment plan

3.       The payment summary now rolls all fees in each section into a single amount. This will be expandable so members can see exactly what they are paying for.

4.       Notes as well as Terms and Conditions are also rolled up, and are expandable through clicking the designated link.

5.       Rather than collecting the billing information for the down payment and asking if you want to use the same information as your method of recurring payment, we will collect the method of recurring payment, and ask the member if he or she wants to use the same information for your down payment. And the CVV code is now more sensibly labeled “Security Code”.


6.       Signature Capture – we have the ability to turn on a signature field so you can have an actual signature.  The member has the ability to sign the online agreement using a mouse, a finger or stylus (if using the iPad), or a digital pen (if using the Surface Pro). If you would like to turn this feature on, you simply need to contact tech support.

7.       Limiting Pay at Counter to devices within the club – we have the ability to turn the Pay at Counter function off completely, turn it off outside the club environment, or leave it on for anyone. Because all clubs are used to have it available everywhere, we are leaving this setting as is. However, if you would like to have this adjusted, just contact tech support and we can show you how!

As always, ABC is dedicated to providing superior software and support. And should you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support Help Desk at 1-877-222-5767.

Thank you all so much! And GO RETRO!!