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April 27, 2020
Survive Recover and Thrive in the Changing Economy

ABC & IHRSA Webinar: Must-do’s to Survive, Recover, & Thrive in the Changing Economy

As the fitness business community continues to be stronger together through the ever-changing economy, ABC was honored host a webinar with IHRSA and four leading panelists on April 22nd. Joining our host, ABC Financial’s Chief Product Officer, Ryon Packer, were four leading gym operators, each contributing their unique […]
April 20, 2020
Resources for your club COVID-19

Resources for Your Club During the COVID-19 Crisis

From adapting to new member expectations to fundamental financial strategies to act on today, knowing what to do next can seem daunting. Supporting each other is more important now than ever. With this in mind, ABC has created a COVID-19 Health Club Resources page, full of practical resources to […]
March 11, 2020

Defining Member Experience Part 3: Chelsea Perkins of Club Fitness

Welcome to Part 3 of our series on defining the member experience for gyms. Joining our podcast is Chelsea Perkins, Executive Office Manager, and Director of Administration at Club Fitness. In this podcast you’ll hear about back office processes and flexibility, all while keeping the human-to-human connection element […]
February 28, 2020

Adding Value in The Evolving Fitness Marketplace

By: Bill Davis One of the many terrific things about working with the ABC Financial team and our diverse customers is the opportunity to deliver helpful solutions that will make an even deeper impact for the fitness industry as a whole in the decade ahead.  With our marketplace […]
February 27, 2020

I hope we will see you at IHRSA in San Diego this year

By: Paul Schaller It is really hard to believe that this will be ABC Financial’s 29th consecutive year of being at IHRSA; it will be my 27th IHRSA event as well. The IHRSA staff and board of directors put on a super event and trade show, which we always love attending. The chance to learn, […]
February 24, 2020

Defining Member Experience, Part 2: People 

In this four-part series, we’re defining the member experience and how it affects your health and fitness club business. We’ve already explored how programming contributes to member experience, and today we’re going to talk about your staff. Check back with the ABC Blog to follow these articles through April.  The success […]
February 20, 2020
How Employing Revenue-cycle Management Protects Earnings and Member Data

How Employing Revenue-cycle Management Protects Earnings and Member Data

This is the second part of a two-part series by ABC Financial Services on revenue cycle management and why securing and protecting your data is going to be even more critical in the decade ahead. Our recent article Health Club Revenue-cycle Management: What Is It And Why Does […]
February 17, 2020

How CRM Software Improves Fitness Sales and Retention

The lifeblood of any club is its membership. Maintaining a robust and engaged member base keeps a fitness business viable long term. Clubs simultaneously must have effective pathways for nurturing leads into sales-ready prospects and a mapped out engagement plan to keep members invested in their services. It’s […]
February 12, 2020

Defining Member Experience Part 2: Mark de Gorter of Workout Anytime

Join Kelly Card, Chief Engagement Officer of ABC Financial with Mark de Gorter, Chief Operating Officer of Workout Anytime as they continue part two of our series on creating a better member experience. Listen in as Mark shares what is working for Workout Anytime and how their member […]