Virtual Fitness Classes

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June 30, 2015
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August 4, 2015

Virtual Fitness Classes

virtual fitness classes


Why offer Virtual Fitness Classes?
Virtual group fitness allows clubs to acquire, engage and retain more members by casting a wider net, attracting groups with unique needs that normally would be difficult to serve with group fitness programming. Examples include: 

  • The Night Owls .. those with unusual or nontraditional schedules 
  • The Insecure..those with apprehensions about participating in traditional GroupX classes
  • The Beginners.. those that would benefit from Tutorials to practice new formats
  • The Youth and Active Aging.. those who need specialty programming that can support their unique needs

5 Ways Virtual Can Complement “Live” Programs

  1. Serve audiences you’re not currently reaching
    Discover members’ unique scheduling, physical or emotional needs and offer solutions that fit their lifestyle.
  2. Create a bridge for live programs
    Tutorials and beginner classes are a great way to help members gain skills and confidence they need before joining a larger class. 
  3. Improve the live class experience
    GroupX instructors can recommend virtual classes as homework to those that would benefit from extra practice or cross training in a complementary format. Teaching a cycling class on Mondays? Recommend a 20 minute yoga class to follow! 
  4. Spread out participation
    There’s nothing worse than showing up late to class and finding the only spot against the back wall. Use virtual to spread out participation so that your studio is never empty or overcrowded.
  5. Give personal trainers a resource for prospecting clients and adding value
    PT’s can build relationships with virtual class participants – people clearly interested in coaching, but haven’t yet taken the step to engage with a live trainer. For existing clients, PT’s can prescribe “homework” and know exactly what their client is doing on off days!

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