3 Ways to Use Snapchat to Market Your Gym

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3 Ways to Use Snapchat to Market Your Gym

3 Ways to Use Snapchat to Market Your Gym

By: Ali Adcock

Have you been thinking of utilizing Snapchat as a new way to market your gym and to your members? Maybe you haven’t because you think Snapchat is just another fun app for millennials. We’re here to tell you it’s not and you should be utilizing it as a marketing tool for your gym!

Creating a Snapchat for your business can increase engagement and brand awareness in multiple ways. According to eMarketer, roughly 70.4 million Americans are expected to use the platform in 2017. Don’t let the thought of this platform fool you for only being used by a younger generation. Recently Snapchats growth is being driven by older Americans. So much so that, 6.4% of users will be between ages 45-54, which is up from 4.2% previously projected, according to eMarketer.

Behind the scenes

Seeing the personality behind a brand gets customers engaged and excited. Showing them a photo or quick video while you’re off to a company event or specialty training is a great way to do that. The goal is to gain trust and connect with your followers. Another great way to connect with your members is to show what’s going on in your gym. Maybe you’ve recently updated your locker rooms. Creating a live video showcasing the new renovations in your gym is a great way for those who may not attend the gym every single day to stay connected and see the positive changes happening within your gym.

Live Events and Demonstrations

Snapchat is great for providing direct access to live events in real-time. Allowing members and potential members to view your most popular workout class live is a great way to get them excited and engaged about the workout classes that your gym provides. You can also provide real-time access to community events that your gym is involved in, as well as new product launches for your awesome new gym equipment that just came in. A specific way to showcase all the new gym equipment is to have a live “How To” demonstration of properly using each new product.

Contests and Promotions

Contests are the ultimate way to get your member engaged! It’s fun and easy. You can start by asking your followers to take a picture of themselves while working out in you gym and send it to be entered to win a free personal training session or a discount on a service that you offer. Another fun contest idea would be to offer a discount code at the end of your Snapchat story, this is a great reward for those to watch your story and stay up to date on what’s going on at your gym.

Are you ready to start your journey with real-time marketing through Snapchat? It may take some time to experiment and see what works for your followers, but it’s well worth the time spent for free marketing. Remember to keep it short, sweet and fun for your followers and you’ll be sure to succeed in building brand awareness and engagement.

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