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December 27, 2018


” AS 2019 APPROACHES EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN Before I get started on this subject, the ABC Financial family and I extend our very best wishes for your holidays and for the new year of 2019 ahead. May 2019 be full of health, happiness and your best […]
December 18, 2018

How To Create Health Club Differentiation Strategies With Data

” Since the dawn of spreadsheets and databases in the eighties, through the more recent contemporary era of solutions in the cloud, we’ve come along way when it comes to collecting and using data in the fitness industry. Today, as much data is being created every two days […]
December 14, 2018

Why The Customer Always Matters Most

” I like facts. When you read, according to a 2017 American Express survey, that 7 out of 10 U.S. consumers spend more money to do business with a company that delivers great service it should get your attention. But there’s more; according to Bain and Company research increasing […]
December 11, 2018

ABC Financial and Muscle Up Marketing Announce Vendor Relationship

” LITTLE ROCK, AR., (Dec 11, 2018) – ABC Financial (ABC), the leading software and payment processing provider to the health and fitness industry, announced their preferred partnership with Muscle Up Marketing, a direct marketing agency with specialized knowledge in the fitness industry.
December 10, 2018

How to Handle Fitness Member Delinquency

The topic of fitness member delinquencies is like a tug-of-war. As gym owners and managers, you know that member dues are critical to the revenue stream of the business, but how can you approach the situation to ensure that members pay on time? These three tips can help you […]